10 of the Best Beauty & Wellness Items for Travel

June 22, 2019

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Several years ago I went on a weekend getaway with a girlfriend. This girl is beautiful and never has a hair out of place and her makeup is always perfect. Do you know anyone like that?

I certainly am not like that and was anxious to see what beauty products she traveled with. Turns out, not many. Meanwhile, I travel with a million beauty products and still look only slightly better than a troll.

I’m a pretty high maintenance girl. I wish I wasn’t and that half of my suitcase wasn’t filled with beauty products but that’s just how it is. In an effort to ensure that I can pack only a carry-on bag, I have found products that are lightweight or are specifically made for travel. Here are 10 of the best beauty and wellness items for travel.

2-in-1 Travel Flat Iron / Curling Iron

I have thick, curly, coarse hair that laughs at many hair appliances. But this little guy works pretty well as both a flat iron and a curling iron. It’s not a full-size iron and it doesn’t do the job of a full-size iron, but at only 11 inches it does a good job of flattening unruly pieces of hair or for throwing in a couple of curls. It also comes with a heat-resistant bag so you can toss it in your suitcase quickly when you need to leave your room quickly.

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

I recently switched from cotton pads for applying product to these reusable makeup remover pads in an effort to rescue waste. I toss a couple into my toiletry bag and simply wash and reuse. They are large enough that you can use the same one for a few days for longer trips and they come with a mesh laundry bag and a water-resistant storage bag.

Quart Size Toiletry Bag

I shared my love for this TSA approved, clear, quart-size bag here. This is hands down the best TSA clear liquids bag I’ve ever used. I can store more liquids in it than any other bag I’ve tried and I love that it stands up on its own. The sturdy plastic also makes it very easy to clean when small leaks occur.

Non-Slip Grip Socks for Yoga

Trying to keep up with fitness goals on the road is tough. But I can almost always squeeze in a quick yoga practice in my hotel room. These grip yoga socks mean you don’t have to travel with a mat. I just throw a towel on the floor and I can get on with my downward facing dog without slipping all over the place.

Travel Bottles

I decant everything that I can. It’s the only way I can travel with my many beauty products without taking a trunk and having to check a bag. I’ve tried tons of different travel bottles and I find that hard plastic ones work the best. I like to have a variety of sizes, including small jars to decant things like eye cream. This set has a nice mix of sizes and shapes.

Magnesium Oil

Lack of sleep doesn’t make anyone pretty. Magnesium oil is one of my must-have items at home and when traveling to ensure I get high-quality sleep. I talk more about my love of magnesium oil here This is my favorite and I decant it into the small spray bottle that’s included in the travel bottles set above.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Travel Mascara

My favorite mascara in a travel size! This little beauty makes my lashes thick without being clumpy and doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. Longtime best beauty product for me!

Klorane Dry Shampoo

For those items I can’t decant, I use travel sizes which can sometimes be tricky to find. After trying lots of different dry shampoos, this one by Klorane does a great job of making my hair feel cleaner without making it look chalky.

Sebastian Super Shaper Plus Hairspray

Again, I’ve tried lots of hairsprays and this is the one I prefer and love that it comes in travel size. A hairspray’s main job for me is to keep the frizz to a minimum. This hairspray by Sebastian does that while providing decent hold without being stiff or sticky.

Foreo Luna Facial Cleansing Brush

I love my full-size Foreo cleansing brush! It’s the best facial brush I’ve found for really getting my skin clean and it doesn’t get funky or require buying replacement brushes like other popular facial brushes. But I wasn’t sure about making the investment for a travel size. But I’m so glad I did! I’ve used mine for four years now and it’s still going strong.

So there you have it! Ten of my must-have beauty and wellness products for travel. What are some of your favorites?

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