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15 Best Travel Snacks for Your Next Adventure

Why You Should Pack Your Own Travel Snacks When taking a trip, whether it’s in a car, a train, or a plane, one of the most important things to pack is snacks. Traveling can be tiring and you need healthy snacks for traveling to help you keep your energy up. Good airplane snacks and good road trip snacks don’t have to be hard to find or expensive. Buying snacks at convenience stores and airport shops is expensive. And you never...

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20 Business Travel Tips from Experienced Road Warriors

I ditched my corporate job to travel the world! You’ve probably seen some version of this headline floating around the internet. I hope someday to write that article, but right now most of my time is spent traveling for work. Because business travel is completely different than traveling for pleasure, I’m sharing 20 tips for business travel. A survey by found that 30% of business travelers would accept a lower-paying job if it meant they could travel more for...

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The Truth About Business Travel – The Good, the Bad & The Ugly

Thinking about taking a job that involves traveling? Traveling for work seems glamorous. Days spent flying first class and nights hanging out in clubs and drinking champagne. But business travel is tough. Here is the cold hard truth about traveling for work. I’ve been traveling for work for five years. And I’m always saying that travel is the best and worst part of my job. I generally travel a couple of times a month with most trips being just a...