horse at Sun Valley Farm in Versailles, Kentucky

Horse Farm Tour in the Horse Capital of the World

Wonder what goes into breeding racehorses? Or curious to see the inner workings of a thoroughbred farm? Or just want to meet lots of beautiful foals? You can do all of that by taking a horse farm tour at Sun Valley Farm in Versailles, Kentucky. Recently, I had the incredible good fortune to join a group of my fellow bloggers in the Bluegrass State on a tour of this beautiful working thoroughbred breeding farm. The love and pride I have...

5 of the Best Local Restaurants in Lexington

Hungry and looking for a local restaurant in Lexington? We have a great food scene with a mix of chain restaurants and local restaurants so you can find pretty much anything that you fancy.  Here are 5 of the best local restaurants in Lexington. I like to eat at locally-owned restaurants when I travel.  How about you? Nothing against chains, I just prefer to try something I can’t get at home.  There’s also a better chance that I will have...