Best Bakeries in Lexington, Kentucky

July 16, 2019

bread samples at Poppy & Olive, Lexington, KY

Ready to take a trip around the world without leaving Lexington, Kentucky?  Our diverse group of bakeries features treats from France, Italy, the Middle East and more!  I love bakeries and here are some of the best bakeries in Lexington.

Sunrise Bakery

Sunrise Bakery is not only one of my favorite bakeries, but one of my favorite restaurants in Lexington! First and foremost, this bread bakery sells a variety of bread.  As an Italian bakery, they specialize in Italian bread and baked goods and I’m a huge fan of the focaccia and ciabatta.  A variety of sandwiches are available and all are made with high-quality Italian meats and cheeses. 

Their chocolate chip cookies are HUGE and were a favorite afternoon treat when I worked nearby.  The pastry case is filled with new and different treats each time you go so it’s always a surprise when you walk in.

Sunrise Bakery in Lexington, Kentucky

Located smack dab in the center of downtown on Main Street, this is a must-visit location when in Lexington. They are only open for breakfast and lunch and only on certain days so check their hours before going. Then build your schedule around their hours. Trust me, Sunrise Bakery is worth it!

Sunrise Bakery111 W Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky

Midway Bakery & Cafe

Midway Bakery & Cafe is located in Midway, a scenic little town located about 15 minutes outside of Lexington. A beautiful ride down rollercoaster country roads between Lexington and Midway is worth the trip alone.

Stepping out of your car you’ll get to smell the country. But one step inside the bakery and you are welcomed by the smell of baking bread. Midway School Bakery is one of Ouita Michel’s restaurants and was once part of a school. As you take a seat in the charming space you’ll feel like you are in a school cafeteria from a bygone era.

Midway Bakery & Cafe serves a variety of baked goods including bread, cinnamon rolls, scones, cookies, pies, quiches, and sandwiches. Open for breakfast and lunch, their menu offers many options for a quick or leisurely meal.

On our most recent visit, I picked up a Sara’s Buttery Corn on the Cob Cookie. Sounds kind of strange, but it was fantastic. Tastes just like fresh corn on the cob. I can’t say no to chess pie and took home a slice of the Bourbon Chess Pie for later. It didn’t disappoint either.

Midway Bakery & Cafe510 South Winter Street, Midway, Kentucky 40347

Magee’s Bakery

A Lexington institution, Magee’s has been supplying Lexingtonians with doughnuts and other baked goods since 1956.  Located on Main Street, this popular bakery offers homemade biscuits, croissants, doughnuts and a full list of breakfast and lunch sandwiches including some pretty cool daily specials. 

This isn’t the place to go if you want 20 varieties of doughnuts to choose from, but if you want a solid glazed or chocolate glazed doughnut you won’t be disappointed.

Magee’s Bakery726 E Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky

Habibis Sweets & Pastries

Habibis is Arabic for “my loves” and you will love the Middle Eastern pastries available here!  Sweets include kunafa, faysaliya, baklava as well as a variety of teas and homemade ice cream.  I think bakeries by their very nature are instagrammable but Habibis is especially so.  Speaking of Instagram, their feed is gorgeous!  Bonus, some vegan options here!

Habibis Sweets & Pastries2417 Nicholasville Road, Lexington, Kentucky

Martine’s Pastries

Martine’s has been supplying Lexington brides with exquisite cakes for twenty years and recently opened a new shop that offers desserts, salads, and sandwiches in addition to their cakes.

The shop is bright and airy and you’ll feel like you are in a gorgeous European bakery and not in the urban center of Lexington. My favorites treats here are the Nutella bars and the individual cake slices (try the pistachio). French pastries including macarons and eclairs are also available.

Martine’s Pastries & Cafe400 E 3rd Street, Lexington, Kentucky

Bluegrass Baking Company

Not only is this one of the oldest bakeries in Lexington, but it’s also my neighborhood bakery and where I get my bread fix. They are an incredible bread bakery in Lexington and sell everything from 7-grain, cinnamon chip, batards, French boule, levain, and challah.

They also offer an impressive range of baked goods including cookies, tarts, danish, and croissant. I especially like that their kitchen is open so you see the magic happen.

Bluegrass Baking Company3101 Clays Mill Road, Lexington, Kentucky

Poppy & Olive

Poppy & Olive is one of the newer bakeries in Lexington. The restaurant Epping’s on Eastside and Poppy & Olive are located in a renovated historic building in the booming warehouse district in Lexington. This area of town is super cool and features an eclectic mix of restaurants, bakeries, home decor, and renovation shops, vintage stores, and a bunch of fitness businesses.

The space is incredibly beautiful and I can’t wait to enjoy a meal there. It’s sophisticated and high-end, but parent-friendly featuring a space that caters to families.

And the bakery! Oh my goodness, I love this place. They offer a variety of bread baked on-site as well as croissants, cookies, muffins, and other irresistible treats. The chocolate croissant and zucchini bread I picked up there recently were fabulous!

Poppy & Olive264 Walton Avenue, Lexington, Kentucky

La Petite Delicat

Just around the corner from Poppy & Olive, is La Petite Delicat. In the mood for a French macaron? La Petite Delicat is the spot for you.

Another gem located in the warehouse district, this space is fresh and feminine. The case of macarons is a feast for the eyes with row upon row of colorful macarons. La Petite Delicat is always creating new flavors and designs and recently featured super-cute macarons for the 4th of July and a watermelon design for summer.

The menu also includes Turkish bagels, sandwiches, and macaron ice cream sandwiches. If you want to learn to make your own macaron they offer classes to show you just how to do that.

La Petite Delicat722 National Avenue, Lexington, Kentucky

DV8 Kitchen

I’ve previously shared my love of DV8 Kitchen, a most think of them as a restaurant only. But they are a fantastic bakery in Lexington with freshly baked bread and sweet treats including brioche buns, bread, biscuits, and their sweet rolls that are available in different varieties including cinnamon, caramel, caramel pecan, and milk chocolate.

Their bread station is a treat and everyone has so much fun slicing off a thick slab of freshly baked bread and slathering it with honey butter or jam. Sometimes I pile on both!

DV8 Kitchen867 South Broadway, Lexington, Kentucky

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