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February 28, 2021

Last Updated on March 19, 2021 by Candy Wafford

Home workouts have exploded in the past year and YouTube fitness videos are a great resource for online workouts! I’ve always worked out at home, whether I did all of my workouts in my family room, or as a way to supplement my gym workouts. And YouTube is one of the ways I keep fit when traveling. Whether lockdowns may have prevented you from going to the gym or maybe you’re just not comfortable going yet, check out some of my favorite fitness YouTubers.

The sheer quantity of YouTube exercise videos can be overwhelming. While I’ve been revisiting some of my favorite YouTubers, I’ve also discovered some amazing new fitness YouTubers recently. Here are some of my favorites:

Best Cardio Workouts on YouTube


Looking for the best dance workout on YouTube? Look no further than Plyojam!

I discovered Plyojam early in quarantine and their workouts quickly become my favorites. So much so that I even subscribe to their monthly service where new workouts are available each week. Plyojam combines two of my favorite types of exercise – dance and plyometrics. The music is amazing and I finish each workout sweating and with a big smile on my face. What more can you ask for?

Rick Bhullar Fitness – Best Fitness YouTubers for Walking Workouts

Anyone else think that walking is boring? Not with Rick Bhullar! He has become my go-to workout when I want something quick and not too strenuous. His walking workouts feature gorgeous scenery from his home in Dubai and great music. His disco and rock workouts are two of my favorites.

Each workout includes an estimated step count (which I never reach), a window with the next move, and a countdown timer. These workouts are great for any fitness level and I often add some jumps to make them a little harder. This is the one channel that I’ve been telling everyone to check out!

PopSugar Fitness

An oldie, but a goodie! I’ve been doing PopSugar Fitness workouts for years because of the incredible variety they offer. You’ll not only find cardio YouTube workouts but strength and yoga workouts as well. One of the things that makes this channel one of the best workouts on YouTube is they often feature new workouts and well-known fitness instructors. This is where I first discovered Plyojam.

PopSugar Fitness is one of the best places to find YouTube home workouts!

I like to work out in running shorts and home and when traveling. They are great for travel because they weigh next to nothing and don’t take up much space in your bag! Here are my favorites from Old Navy and a pair I found on Amazon during quarantine.

Yoga Workouts YouTube

Yoga with Kassandra

I love my girl Kassandra and one of my very favorite fitness YouTubers. She publishes yoga workouts on YouTube for all levels that are easy to follow. Her clear instructions and cues make her a delight to practice with. I do at least ten minutes of yoga each morning and she is the one I go to at least five days a week. If you are looking to try yoga, I highly recommend her ten minute morning routines.

Yoga with Adriene

There is a reason that any list of the top fitness YouTubers includes Yoga with Adriene. She has millions of followers because she is a ray of sunshine and makes yoga accessible to everyone. I’ve been practicing with her for probably seven or eight years and am amazed at how much her channel has grown. Her 30 Days of Yoga series each January are hugely popular and I’ve participated in all of them. Which means I’ve done yoga with Adriene from Paris to Ecuador to Mexico.

Yoga is a great workout to do while traveling because it can be done anywhere with nothing more than a towel. I’ve started traveling with the mat below and love it!

Brett Larkin Yoga

I love Brett Larkin’s videos. Just hearing her soothing voice makes me feel calmer. You’ll find a wide variety of videos here exploring different yoga styles from vinyasa, kundalini, and yin as well as videos ranging from ten minutes to an hour. Brett makes yoga accessible to everyone and provides lots of cues, something I find important when taking an online yoga class.

Strength Workouts on YouTube

Fitness with PJ

Fitness with PJ is geared towards women over forty, but her no-nonsense workouts are great for anyone at any fitness level. A certified personal trainer, PJ not only provides in-depth advice on how to safely perform exercises, but she also provides lots of modifications. While most of the videos are strength workouts, you will find some cardio and stretching as well. In addition, PJ uses a variety of equipment from dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, and more meaning you can find a workout that works with the gear you have.

There is no music, but I enjoy PJ’s commentary and feel like I’m working out with a friend. If you want to build muscle and strength, make sure you visit this fitness YouTubers channel.

This yoga mat does double duty in my home workouts. It has alignment markings making it a great option for yoga and it’s padded which makes it ideal for strength or ab workouts.

Bodyfit by Amy – Best Fitness YouTubers

Another channel I discovered during quarantine is Bodyfit by Amy. I’ve included Amy’s videos in the strength category because that seems to be her focus, but you will find a wide variety of workouts here. Including use of different equipment and types of workouts such as circuit and interval so you won’t get bored.

She does a great job of providing lots of cues (i.e., “you should be able to lift your toes”) and a ton of modifications. If you are looking for prenatal or postpartum YouTube workouts, check Amy out because she provides modifications specifically for women in those categories. Love your kettlebell? Bodyfit by Amy features a lot of kettlebell workouts on YouTube. You can also modify many of her videos to get a great dumbbell workout on YouTube.

No music here, but Amy provides just the right amount of talk track and the workouts fly by.

Caroline Girvin

I only recently discovered Caroline Girvin’s channel. Her workouts are tough but effective. Her ripped body is enough motivation to keep me coming back to these workouts. Each workout starts with Caroline telling you the plan for the workout and then transitions to the workout. There is a nice music soundtrack, but no talking during the workout. Caroline uses preview videos so you know what to expect next and will include labels to let you know if you are on the left leg, etc. There is also a countdown timer for each exercise and audio beeps to let you know when to stop and start so you don’t have to watch the video the entire time.

I personally think these workouts are intermediate to advanced and would recommend those just beginning to work out or those that haven’t worked out in a while to start with something else.

Tips for YouTube Home Workouts

  1. Create a dedicated space – I moved my home workouts from my family room to my living room during quarantine. I found that looking out the big picture window in our living room was more enjoyable than staring at a TV. I keep a basket nearby with my bands, dumbbells, and yoga mat so everything is right where I need it.
  2. Have the right equipment – You don’t need a lot of equipment to get a great workout at home. Dumbbells, a mat, and some bands take-up little to no space and give you everything you need to do some of the most popular YouTube exercise videos.
  3. Make it a priority – This applies whether you are working out at a gym, outside, or in your bedroom. I find that if I don’t get my workouts in before lunch, I’m more likely to skip them. When traveling for work, that’s not always an option so I get a workout in as soon as I get to my hotel room.
  4. Mix it up – I get bored and need variety in my workouts to stay motivated. That’s one of the reasons I love YouTube home workouts, there’s so much to choose from. But I still love the gym, and go outside for a run or walk when the weather is especially nice.
  5. Keep healthy snacks on hand – Have a variety of healthy snack options for pre and post-workout. MOR Snacks makes delicious pre-packaged snacks that are the perfect fuel to keep you moving. Use code MORCandace for 20% off! Click here for some of my other favorites!

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    1. Working out in the gym has become a distant dream due to the pandemic. These home workouts look like so much fun. The tips are great too. Thank you so much for this post.

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