The Best Clothes to Travel In

March 31, 2019

Last Updated on July 12, 2019 by Candy Wafford

“A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.” Vera Wang

As much as I would like to look cute while traveling, it’s just too hard.

I usually fly 2-4 times a month and have learned that at some point during each trip I’m going to experience at least one of the following: 1) sweating, 2) being excessively cold, 3) a need to run to catch a flight, or 4) a need to be super comfortable so I can nap. Honestly, sometimes I experience all four and then some! So comfort is key when traveling.

Basically, I want to feel like I’m wearing my pajamas without actually wearing my pajamas. After some trial and error, I’ve found the best clothes to travel in.

Enter my travel uniform. Leggings, a long tee or sweatshirt, a light sweater, pull on sneakers and a down jacket when it’s cold. This is what I wear regardless of the season and regardless of the destination.


I’ve tried lots of leggings and my hands-down favorite are the Chaturanga Tight from Athleta. Athleta offers lots of great options for travel and I love how they promote body positivity in their marketing and products.

girl wearing black leggings from Athleta
Chaturanga Tight / Athleta

They stay put (nothing worse than having to yank your britches up as you run through the airport), the high rise holds everything in and they are super soft. I also love that they hit my ankle at the right point so they look great with sneakers.


Speaking of sneakers, my favorite shoes to wear while traveling are my Asics Metrolyte sneakers. I love them so much I have two pairs and would be more if they hadn’t discontinued them. Don’t you hate when you find a product that is PERFECT but the company doesn’t realize it and discontinues it!?!

Here are the two pair that I own. I love that I can just slip them on, they weigh nothing, are sturdy enough for a quick run and they are the perfect sneaker to wear with leggings.

two pairs of sneakers
My beloved Asics Metrolyte sneakers

Asics offers a Metrolyte II. I’m not loving the heel on this one but they look similar. They seem to be in short supply too.

tennis shoe
Metrolyte II / Asics

Now, these Onitsuka Tiger Asics Ultimate 81 are pretty damn close and super cool. And the reviews on Zappos are incredible. These may be my next sneaks.

tennis shoes
Onitsuka Tiger Asics Ultimate 81

Jacket / Coat

I avoid traveling with a coat as much as possible. They are hot, bulky, and uncomfortable on a plane. But sometimes you gotta be practical, right? That’s when I bring my Ultra Light Down Jacket from Uniqlo. It’s so lightweight it feels like wearing nothing but keeps you warm. That snuggly kind of warm that makes you not want to take it off. When I do need to take it off, I can literally smoosh it into a ball and stuff it in my bag. I love this thing!

girl standing on steps wearing a down jacket from Uniqlo
Ultra Light Down Jacket / Uniqlo

Tops / Sweaters

I’m not too picky about my tops and sweaters. I like something that is a little flowy and covers most of my bum. This is where I’ll inject some color to break up all of the blacks that makes up the rest of my uniform.

Having a uniform makes it so much easier to pack and get out of the house. The three items I outlined above are workhorses in my wardrobe so investing a little more than I might otherwise have been worthwhile. Do you have a travel uniform?

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Candy Wafford is a US-based travel blogger and while she travels frequently for her job, she is happiest when traveling for pleasure. Preferably strolling along a cobblestoned street with an ice cream cone in her hand.

    1. Wish there was a Uni Glo here in Lexington. Will shop at the Uno Glo in Seattle next time I am there.

    1. Let me know if you see the Uniglo jacket on sale. Wish we had a Uniglo in Lexington.

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