Cruising to Victoria? Take the Best Food Tour

May 31, 2019

Last Updated on August 13, 2019 by Candy Wafford

“I’m not a glutton. I am an explorer of food.” Erma Bombeck

Are you taking an Alaskan cruise and find yourself cruising to Victoria? I found the best food tour for you to take!

The last day of our Alaskan cruise found us not in Alaska, but in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  As much as I enjoyed the spectacular beauty and outdoor activities in Alaska, this city girl was ready for some urban adventure.  I’ve mentioned before that food tours are one of the BEST introductions to a new place and A Taste of Victoria Food Tours was one of the best I’ve taken.

Before I get to the food, I have to mention that Victoria is gorgeous!  We spent a very relaxing thirty minutes walking from the ship to downtown.  The path took us through a lovely residential area along the water until we reached the waterfront lined with boats.  The city is beautifully landscaped and flowers were blooming everywhere.  Just lovely.

I had researched ice cream shops before getting to Victoria and our first stop was at Chocolats Favoris.  You know those dipped cones you get at Dairy Queen?  Chocolats Favoris has taken the dipped cone to a whole new level.  Like stratosphere, skyrockets in flight, unicorn level. 

Andy is the owner of A Taste of Victoria Food Tours and was our guide for the day.  Before the tour began we learned that two of our fellow foodies were not only from Kentucky, but I had met one of them on Twitter before the cruise.  Such a small world!

The Taste of Victoria Food Tour started at the Victoria Public Market.  I wish we had gotten there earlier (but there was ice cream to eat) because I loved the market.  It was not a huge space but was filled with local food and craft vendors.  Totally my kind of place.

Stop 1 – Roast

We didn’t have to go far as our first stop was in the market.  Roast serves a variety of sandwiches, meatballs, and salads.  We were served a hefty meatball that was smothered in arrabbiata sauce, topped with chimichurri and a chicharron.   The meatball was soft and tender and I loved the chimichurri.  Oh, and all of the cutlery and service items are compostable.  Love that!

Stop 2 – La Roux Patisserie

A couple of blocks away and we found ourselves in Chinatown.  Andy lives here and shared a ton of fascinating information.  Victoria’s Chinatown is the oldest in Canada and we learned some really interesting details about its history. 

Taste of Victoria Food Tour, Chinatown
Chinatown, Victoria, British Columbia

First stop in Chinatown was at La Roux Patisserie.  A French bakery in Chinatown in Canada.  This kind of sums up Victoria.  We were presented with a platter of colorful macarons each more delicious looking than the next.  Each of us could choose two macarons.  How to choose only two when the options included passionfruit, raspberry, salted caramel, coconut, and about half a dozen other flavors? 

They say we eat with our eyes first which I did by choosing the most colorful options on the tray.  The raspberry was classic French and the passionfruit was slightly tart and some of the best macarons I’ve ever eaten.  The cookie had a slight bit of crunch while still maintaining a slightly chewy texture that is the hallmark of a classic macaron.

Stop 3 – Just Matcha Tea Shop

Our path from the French patisserie to the Japanese inspired Just Matcha Tea House took us through Fan Tan Alley.  Did you know that fan tan was a gambling game?  I sure didn’t.  And we learned that the alleys were built as a way for residents to escape police raids.  Fan Tan Alley has transformed from its ugly history to an adorable alley strung with lanterns and lots of cute shops. 

The Chinese say that tasting matcha is like being lifted by 1000 butterflies.  My experience with matcha is limited and I can’t say I was excited about this stop.  But I commit to trying everything on these tours so I was keeping an open mind.  The vanilla iced matcha latte we were served was actually pretty delicious!  If all matcha tastes like this, sign me up.

Stop 4 – Shanzee’s Biscuit

A restaurant serving Southern biscuits?  As a born and bred Southerner and a damn good biscuit maker, I was a little skeptical.  But the folks at Shanzee’s Biscuit made a biscuit that would be right at home in any down-home restaurant in the South. 

Our first biscuit was smothered in chunky sausage gravy, topped with crumbled bacon, cheddar cheese, and green onions.  The second biscuit was topped with Nutella, grilled banana and whipped cream.  Both savory and sweet were delicious!

Stop 5 – Sult Pierogi Bar

Moving from Chinatown to Old Town took us to our next stop, Sult Pierogi Bar.  Before I talk about the food, I have to talk about the décor.  Rustic, yet modern, Sult is full of the owner’s art and handmade furniture and is a super cool space.

Sult has a menu full of pierogis reinvented with modern flavors while maintaining the history of this simple dish.  Two platters of pierogies were placed in front of us; both filled with cheese and potatoes with one serving sitting on a bed of sauerkraut and another on braised bacon.  The pierogies were tender and flavorful.  Perfect bar food.

Stop 6 – The Churchill

Victoria has a hopping craft beer scene (see what I did there?).  The Churchill is a bar that has the feel of an English pub with wood and dark colors.  The big screen TVs in black and white were a nice modern-meets-vintage touch.

The Churchill and its sister bar a few doors down serve 150 beers on tap between the two of them with many of the craft beers from Canada and the Pacific Northwest.  They also serve pub food, cocktails, and a nice selection of whiskeys.

Our tour group was given a menu of ten or so beers to choose from as well as a local hard cider. I opted for the Solaris white peach ale and absolutely loved it!  I could smell the peach as soon as the glass was placed in front of me.  It was light, fruity, and easy to drink.

Stop 7 – Rogers’ Chocolates

At this point our bellies were full but there’s always room for chocolate, right?  Rogers’ Chocolates have been making chocolates since the late 1800s.  Their story is fascinating and Andy shared some fun stories about the founders and the store. 

Our tasting here was to go, one of their vanilla crème chocolates which we learned is a favorite of the Queen.  I ate mine at the airport the next day and it was delicious.  And huge!  I was expecting a standard piece of candy but this was the size of a Peppermint Patty.  But far more delicious.


Our tour ended at the inner harbor where Andy shared information about the Empress Hotel and the Parliament building.  His love for his city is evident and his knowledge about it is impressive.  Andy really sparked a desire to see more of this gem of a city and if I hadn’t been so tired at this point, I would have walked back to Old Town and Chinatown to do some shopping and more sightseeing. 

Inner Harbor Victoria British Columbia
Inner Harbor, Victoria, British Columbia

A Taste of Victoria Food Tours is a great tour to take if are in Victoria and the perfect end to our cruise in the Pacific Northwest.

The Details

The tour covers Chinatown, Olde Town, and the Inner Harbour.  Walking you cover about a ½ mile. 

Cost $59.95 CAD (approximately $45 USD). Children under 2 are free.

Tours are available at 11 AM and 2 PM and last 2 hours.  A calendar of tour availability can be found here.

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    1. I love cruises, Victoria, and food tours! The Churchill and the Just Macha Tea Shop sounds right up my alley. Not bad for $45 either!

      1. Sounds like we may be kindred spirits! And it was a great value!

    1. All of these restaurants sound delicous. I love that there is a French restaurant in Chinatown! Victoria seems like it offers many different cuisines. Can’t wait to try them!

      1. Victoria was so diverse! But I think that’s true of Canada and one of the things that makes it such a great country.

    1. Wow look at all of these amazing shops! It’s so great to go on tours like this with people who know all the best places to go. I would love to comment on which food might be my favorite one, but truly they all look amazing 😀

      1. Getting the low down on where to go from people that live there is the best isn’t it? And all of the food was amazing!

    1. What a fun idea to take a food tour when visiting a new city! Everything looks so delicious! Victoria is such a beautiful city! I need to go back soon!

    1. I have the biggest sweet tooth and absolutely love trying new sweet treats whenever I travel. Chocolats Favoris looks amazing!!!!

      1. I can’t stop thinking about Chocolats Favoris. Such a fun concept and great ice cream!

    1. I was in Victoria a few years ago and now I am so sad I missed these places, though I did have amazing pizza there. It sounds like such a great food tour! That ice cream, woah. The food tour sounds like a great way to see Victoria.

      1. It was a great way to spend a few hours in Victoria! I’ll have to remember they have great pizza next time I go!

    1. I have never been a foodie, but I always like a recommendation on where to eat 🙂 So this is a great post and offers a nice variety of different things, personally, I really have to go to the matcha teashop, it looks so good 🙂

    1. I never experienced a food tour during my travels, but this review of the Victoria food tour you tried made me want to dk one myself!

      1. Please try a food tour sometime. They are so much fun and such a great way to see a city!

      1. We loved the downtown area! Such a lovely setting right there on the water!

    1. I love food tours and this Taste of Victoria food tour sounds like my kind of tour. You tasted a wide range of food – from Argentinian to the South, Chinese, etc. What fun. I’m not a huge fan of Matcha either, but I’m glad to hear you loved your stop. Im open to trying some again. I have not been to Victoria yet and it looks like a charming city. Hope to eat my way through there someday soon.

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