Are These the Best Pants for Travel? – Athleta’s Skyline

June 4, 2019

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Curious about whether Athleta’s Skyline Pant is the best pants for travel? So was I after seeing them all over the place online. I bought a pair and have road-tested them for you and present my review of Athleta’s Skyline Pants. Are these the best travel pants and would they replace my favorite Athleta leggings

Athleta has quickly become one of my favorite companies. Not only do they make wonderful clothing, but they also do a wonderful job of representing women of all ages, shapes, and sizes in their marketing.  They are passionate about community and wellness and stores participate in local events and hosts fitness and wellness classes.  More and more, companies that truly represent me and my values are the ones that I want to support. 

Light as a feather, their Skyline Pant is part of Athleta’s travel collection and was literally designed for travel.  Not only are they breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and provide UPF 50+ protection, they are also made from recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastic bottles. I love sustainable fashion!

I’ve worn my Skyline Pants on several trips now including a red-eye flight, and they are super comfy. I definitely feel more polished in them than the leggings I typically were for travel.  The fabric is thin and while they are incredibly comfortable they don’t feel like athleisure. These reasons alone are enough to vote them the best pants for travel.

A slightly tapered cut means that a typical sneaker doesn’t work.  Comfortable shoes are a MUST when traveling so I have been wearing them with a more dressed up sneaker (that seems like an oxymoron) and that silhouette works very well. 

Additional thoughts about the Skyline Pants from Athleta after wearing them on several trips:


Comfort – The paper bag/elastic waist is not binding which is super important when sitting for long periods of time whether it be in a car, plane, or train.  The cut of the pant is not binding anywhere.

Style – As I mentioned above, I feel more put together in this pant then leggings. The high waist and self-tie belt amp up the style quotient and I love the versatility.

Lightweight fabric – One of the secrets to packing light is to, well, pack light.  I opt for lightweight fabrics as much as possible as they don’t take up much space and my suitcase will weigh less.  The lightweight fabric also contributes to the comfort and wearability of the pants.

Deep pockets – One of my favorite features are the two deep pockets on the front which are perfect for sticking your phone, boarding pass, or anything else.  And they are deep enough that you don’t have to worry about something falling out when you bend over or sit down.  There is a back pocket with a snap as well.

Multi-Purpose – They feel like wearing your favorite PJs but they are dressed up enough that they aren’t just casual wear.  I recently wore them to dinner a couple of nights while on a cruise with flats as well as on a couple of shopping trips at home. 

Easy Clean / Quick Dry – These truly are wash and wear. I also found them easy to spot clean when I dropped some yogurt on them.  The lightweight fabric means these can be rinsed out in a hotel sink and dry quickly. 


Length – Hitting at just about ankle length, I would prefer the pants to be a little longer.  I do cuff them when I want them to go more casual.  Also, the length leaves my ankles exposed.  The floor of a plane is COLD and I found my ankles were cold.  Also, this limits their wearability during cooler weather. But for summer these are perfect!

Cut – My personal preference would be a slightly less tapered leg. 

The Details

Athleta’s Skyline Pant is priced at $89 which means they are an investment piece for me.  Versatility means the cost per wear will be relatively low.  Athleta often has 20% off sales and that’s when I usually make my purchases there.  They are available in several colors and they just introduced a Skyline Short.  I have a feeling a red pair of shorts will be hitting my shopping cart soon.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with Athleta’s Skyline Pant and am thrilled to have another option to rotate in my travel wardrobe. Definitely one of the best pants for travel!

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