Why I Love the Away Everywhere Bag – Review 2021

April 11, 2019

review of Away's Everywhere Bag

Last Updated on November 17, 2021 by Candy Wafford

Away Everywhere Bag 2021 Update

I’ve been using my Everywhere Bag for several years now! I still love it and am very impressed that it looks brand new even with the wear and tear I put it through traveling. The fabric, zippers, and straps show no signs of wear and still work perfectly. The Away Everywhere Bag craftmanship is exceptional. Their products are by far the best quality travel gear I’ve used.

Away Everywhere Bag Review

When you travel for work, your laptop bag / personal item/carry-on bag is your everything.  It has to hold not only your laptop but all of the stuff that goes with a laptop (charger, mouse, various cords), your snacks, your phone, your tablet, your water bottle, and anything else that you can’t be without during your trip. Could the Away Everywhere Bag be my everything?

My Previous Laptop Bags

One of the first things I did when I started my job four years ago was to buy a laptop bag.  I treated myself to a gorgeous black leather bag from Fossil and I loved it.  I was new to corporate travel and didn’t realize that pretty much only goes so far in a bag.

I quickly learned that a bag that is large enough to hold everything I needed was more important than appearance.  Also, I learned that having a bag that slides over the handle of my suitcase is a must.  (Hello, achy shoulder!)  Sadly, I emptied out my beautiful bag and went looking for a replacement.

For my next bag, I went with practicality and bought a basic laptop bag from Kenneth Cole Reaction.  It got the job done but I always wished for something a little well, prettier. When the lining began to fray, I jumped at the chance to buy something else.

The Away Everywhere Bag Review

Enter The Everywhere Bag from Away.   Away’s luggage is extremely popular and you’ve probably seen their bags all over your social media feeds.  While their hard-side suitcases are beautiful and sleek, I prefer a soft-side suitcase and wasn’t tempted by their bags.  But when they introduced their line of companion pieces I knew I had to check out The Everywhere Bag.

At first glance, I saw that it meets all of my criteria:  super durable, roomy, has lots of pockets, includes a luggage strap, and it’s attractive.  Oh, and it has not one, but two exterior pockets!  I have to have exterior pockets.  Gotta have a place to quickly, and safely, stash my phone and ID. 

I paid $195, and the Everywhere Bag’s price tag was more than I wanted to spend.  Update – it’s now only $165! Click here to save an additional $20 off!

But the 100-day money-back guarantee enticed me to give it a go.  I planned to use it a few times and if I didn’t like it, request a return shipping label and get my money back.  Nothing to lose!

Spoiler alert –  I didn’t need 100 days.  I knew it was a keeper after the first trip. 

the Away Everywhere bag

Unpacking The Everywhere Bag

I unpacked the bag and could see the quality right away.  It’s made of heavy-duty nylon with substantial zippers and a sturdy shoulder strap.  In addition to the exterior pockets, there are lots of interior pockets including one that fits a laptop up to 15 inches, a tablet pocket, a zippered pocket, and several smaller pockets. 

Test Driving the Away Everywhere Bag

Anyone else have a bag full of bags?  I have a bag just for snacks, another for work accessories, and still another one for travel necessities.  I can easily pack my laptop, tablet, purse, water bottle, and other bags in The Everywhere Bag and still have room for food and even an extra pair of shoes. 

the Away Everywhere bag
So roomy!

It’s sturdy while being attractive (feels like that also describes me on a good day).  Made of durable, water-resistant nylon, it cleaned up nicely after I managed to get salt residue on it while moving between terminals at the Detroit airport.  It even has a hidden compartment on the bottom that is waterproof making it perfect to store a small umbrella.

Away Everywhere bag sitting on black suitcase

The shoulder strap and hand straps are comfortable.  The luggage strap is actually a zippered pocket perfect for storing your phone and ID and it’s large so that it slides easily over the handle of my rollaboard.  It also fits easily under the seat of all of the planes I’ve used it on which includes sitting in coach on small regional jets.  It fits in the overhead bins of smaller jets too.

Check out that huge exterior pocket!

And while I’m calling it a laptop bag, Away markets The Everywhere Bag as a carry-all which it truly is.  You could easily use this for an overnight bag or for a weekend getaway.  Since originally writing this review, I’ve purchased an Everywhere for my daughter and she uses it for overnight and weekend trips.

Want Your Own? The Details

The nylon version is available in several colors and costs $165 and a leather version is available for $245. Both prices include shipping.  As mentioned before, Away offers a 100-day, no-questions-asked return policy.  Want to save some money? Use my referral link and receive $20 off the purchase of your own bag!

I love, love this bag and think you will too. 

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    1. Hi- I bought this same color bag but after a few trips my zipper has discolored. And sadly not uniformly.
      Have you had any problems with yours? I’ve contacted Away just today, but had read your review prior to buying this past September and thought I’d check back!

      1. Hi Dawn! I just checked and my zipper still looks good. I had to contact Away’s customer service once, about a different product/issue, and found them to be very responsive. Hopefully they provide you with a satisfactory response. Good luck!

    1. Hi! My laptop is 17 inches and I just ordered this bag. Is there any wiggle room on the ‘up to 15 inch laptop?’ Or do you think I’ll have to return the bag

      1. Hi Nick! Congrats on your new bag! You laptop will definitely fit. It may be a little tight in the laptop compartment but will fit the main compartment. I am always amazed at how much I can pack into this bag. Enjoy!

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