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October 23, 2019

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Having anything stolen is horrible and experiencing a theft while traveling is even worse. Finding the best travel purse can be a challenge, and finding an anti-theft purse that works and is cute is even more challenging! Enter Arden Cove, a woman-owned business that makes bags, purses, and travel accessories with anti-theft features to help prevent you from being in a vulnerable situation. Read on for my honest, comprehensive review of the Arden Cove full crossbody purse.

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I’ve learned the hard way that it’s worth it to buy products that are specifically made for travel. I first learned about Arden Cove from social media and intrigued, I bought one and put it to the test for a few months.  Keep reading to see if I recommend Arden Cove bags.

Now, I am not a purse girl.  I prefer shoes and clothes. I like purses and I carry a purse, but I don’t have a closet full. And I can easily walk past a Coach or Michael Kors store without wanting to go in.  I like my purses to be practical and pretty basic.  Let’s just say I’ve had more than my share of black purses.

When traveling I tend to carry a nylon bag that is made for traveling. I’ve picked up a couple over the years at TJ Maxx but have always found them ugly and couldn’t wait to stick them back in the closet after my trip. And I’ve learned pretty is important here because your purse is almost always in travel photos, right?

What is Arden Cove?

Arden Cove is a company run by two sisters.  The idea to design bags specifically for travel was born out of their personal experiences with purses that did not adequately protect their belongings on their travels.  Their mission is built on designing anti-theft purse and bags that are not only functional but well-designed.

Arden Cove Review – Full Crossbody

Arden Cove sells several different bags and accessories. In addition to the full crossbody that I bought, you can also buy an Arden Cove backpack, a satchel, convertible wallet and belt bags, and a mini crossbody.  I went with the full crossbody because the mini seemed too small for me.

Arden Cove crossbody bag in black.  Anti-theft purses.

The crossbody bags are available with a faux leather strap or a chain strap.  The chain strap is very stylish, but I know from experience that a bag with a chain strap becomes uncomfortable on my shoulders.  I see where they now offer a chain strap with a shoulder pad for an additional cost and I may be tempted to pick that up at some point.

The crossbody bags (both full and mini) are available in black, cream, gray, navy, maroon, and black-gunmetal.  The regular black features gold metal accents and the black-gunmetal features silverish metal accents. 

While Arden Cove’s bags are cute, they are different than probably most of the bags that you own because they feature a slew of features specifically for travelers.  All of Arden Cove’s anti-theft purses feature:

  • anti-slash lining
  • cut-proof strap
  • locking zippers
  • RFID protection
  • interior D-ring to attach a keychain
  • bottom studs
  • fully waterproof exterior and zippers

The full crossbody has two exterior pockets, 2 interior pockets, 1 zippered pocket and a built-in wallet that holds 8 cards and a slot for paper currency.  It is 8.5” long, 6.5” high, and 2.5 inches wide.  The strap is adjustable from 32.5 – 58” inches and the bag weighs 1.2 pounds or 19.2 ounces empty.

First Impressions of the Arden Cove Anti-Theft Purse

The packaging is perfect!  The box is sturdy cardboard and just big enough for the bag.  The box is printed with a cute floral design and it’s suggested you reuse it for your travel mementos.  Excessive packaging is a pet peeve of mine and I really appreciate Arden Cove’s appropriate packaging.  The bag comes in a dust-keeper which is another nice touch.

Play the video to see me unpacking the Arden Cove Crossbody Bag

I purchased the black with gold accents and the lining is lavender, a nice feminine touch.  The exterior material is a heavy-duty nylon fabric but it looks more expensive than most anti-theft purses I’ve seen in this type of material.  It is trimmed in black faux leather trim and has the Arden Cove logo sewn onto the outside pocket.  The metal clasps initially looked a little inexpensive but they are still shiny and beautiful after me carrying the purse daily for almost two years. The faux leather strap looks okay and I can feel some of the cord in there that I’m assuming makes it slash-proof.

Traveling with an Arden Cove Anti-Theft Purse

I started using the bag immediately for everyday use and find it holds all my necessities very nicely. I’m pretty picky about my purses and must have an exterior pocket for my keys and phone and interior pockets for internal organization.  The Arden Cove Crossbody checks these boxes with an exterior section with slots for cards and IDs and a pocket area and two interior pockets for additional storage. 

Woman wearing Arden Cove purse with an anti-theft features for traveling.

I love that the Arden Cove bag feels and looks more stylish than the plain black leather crossbody I had been using. I don’t cringe when I see my purse in pictures now!


You need a bag that isn’t too delicate when traveling. This bag is extremely durable, without looking durable. For example, I easily wiped some rust off that had rubbed on my purse. I like that I don’t have to be too careful with this bag.  When some ice cream dripped down on the purse I wiped it down with a wet cloth and the stain was gone! I can set it on the floor and not worry about it getting dirty or damaged.

Arden Cove bag review.  It's completely waterproof!

I didn’t know I needed a waterproof bag when traveling, but apparently, I do!  While being waterproof is one of the main features marketed by Arden Cove, it wasn’t a huge selling point for me.  However, I became a convert after walking around Montreal one evening in rain that ranged from downpour to steady light rain. Again, I simply wiped the bag down with a cloth and it was as good as new.  And I didn’t worry about my phone or paper documents in my bag being damaged. Now, I won’t travel without a waterproof bag. 

Woman standing in train station with Arden Cove purse.  Arden Cove bags and purses feature many anti-theft features including RFID protection and slash-resistant fabric.

Anti-Theft Purse Features

Bags with anti-theft and security features like RFID are super popular right now. My daughter worked at a store famous for its purses and she said that they got tons of inquiries about whether they sell bags with security features. Consumers are willing to spend a few extra dollars to protect their belongings and identify and Arden Cove is responding to that need.

The fabric and zippers are heavy-duty and are a couple of the many anti-theft features.  I’ve been storing my credit cards and phone in the front compartment and feel they are very secure there.  And I tend to leave my bags partially unzipped.  Terrible habit, I know, but the contents are still contained even when I leave a compartment unzipped. 

I recently carried my Arden Cove during a trip to Italy and felt completely safe with it, even in the crowded train stations in Naples and Rome which are notorious for pickpockets. The durable materials and locking zippers make this purse very difficult to get into.

Play the video to see a demo of the locking zippers


Some bags, even small ones, can feel heavy after carrying them for a few hours.  When I carried the Arden Cove crossbody for hours I never felt any digging in my shoulder nor did my shoulder get tired. 

Are Arden Cove Bags Worth It?

Absolutely! The $169 price tag for the full crossbody is normally more than I spend on a purse. But I consider my Arden Cove to be an investment piece and one that I will get years of use out of. And this price is not more than many people spend on a bag that doesn’t include the anti-theft features that could end up saving you lots of money and heartbreak in the long run. I originally bought this purse just for travel but it’s become the only bag I use.

With it’s classic style and its durability, the Arden Cove crossbody is the best anti-theft purse out there!

Free shipping is available or orders over $50 and they also offer international shipping options.

I hope you found this Arden Cove review helpful! Want your own Arden Cove bag? Click here to shop!

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    1. Okay you’ve sold me. I’ve actually heard of this brand but haven’t tried it. I’ve had so many different travel handbags and have U.K. yet to truly love any of them. Finding the perfect size with th right amount of
      Pockets is key. The price tag on this one is definitely more than I would normally spend, but perhaps that’s why I’m never totally happy with
      My bag! You get what you pay for. Thanks so much for the review.

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